Mangosteen Juice

I was advised a little while ago to start an aggressive anti-bacterial regime of some kind immediately, because I found a tick bite on the back of my leg a few months ago. Ticks are notoriously infected with a variety of nasty diseases and bacteria – some bacteria that even have mites on them that are toxic to us as well. shudder.

“Ticks can carry and transmit a remarkable array of pathogens, including bacteria, spirochetes, rickettsiae, protozoa, viruses, nematodes, and toxins. A single tick bite can transmit multiple pathogens, a phenomenon that has led to atypical presentations of some classic tick-borne diseases. In the United States, ticks are the most common vectors of vector-borne diseases.” more here

and the Wiki page here

Also I’ve been told that due to global warming, ticks are becoming more and more prevalent in our environments, potentially in pandemic proportions.

Here come the ticks: is global warming leading to an increase in Lyme disease?

Global Warming May Bring More Lyme Disease, Ticks

So, yes the worst of the possible infections from ticks is of course Lyme Disease – and in fact I have a young family member fighting Lyme’s right now – and subsequently fighting the medical system as well, that seems to want to tell his mom that it’s ‘all in his head’ or that he needs a therapist, not a doctor – which really seems to explain that fact that he walks with a walker and at times his mom has to carry him to the bathroom – not!

My tick bite however, had none of the tell-tale signs of Lyme’s – but all the same, and in the case of other nasty bug infections, I thought I should start something now – because it seems that with Lyme’s in particular, if you are able to treat it right away, before even you have any symptoms, before the bug gets a chance to really invade your inner systems and organs (because apparently it burrows), you have a chance of beating it.

So I’ve started with Mangosteen Juice. Here is some info:

Advocates for Integrated and Holistic Health Choices

Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments

Some of those top ten that were mentioned to me were Mangosteen juice, Colloidal Silver and Grapefruit-seed Extract.

Now, I am not sure that I am infected – so this was sort of a casual stop-gap, just in case thing for me – and I saw a bottle of Mangosteen at my local store and in that moment decided to grab it. Figured it would be easy enough to add it to my daily regimen. I was recommended to undergo a chosen path for six month – and to try these top ten out to see which I felt was working the best for me.

So – I’ve been taking the juice at 1 oz per day for the past ten days roughly.


I’ve been sick with a bad cold or flu for at least a week. At first I didn’t attribute this to the juice at all – I frequently get colds this time of year. But, since I was sick I also started taking Oil of Oregano a few times a day – this is my favorite cold weapon.

However this time I had the feeling that it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. I didn’t feel the sort of synergistic feeling I usually get when I’m using a remedy that my body is liking. And I actually got even more sick. I ended up in bed for two days – to the dismay of my husband, who was on holiday and had pick up all of my slack as a result.

Symptoms were: sore throat, deep malaise, sore neck and swollen glands, funny dry cough.

But this isn’t the story – the real thing that happened was when it morphed into what I thought was a sinus infection – nose running like a tap, sneezing and so sore in my sinuses and head. So I asked my cousin (who is also my neighbor) for some Grapefruit-seed oil – which I have used in the past in place of conventional antibiotics.

Dosage: 10 drops with juice – late afternoon

By bedtime I noticed that my heart and chest area felt funny. I felt that my heart was struggling. Each heart-beat thumped through my whole upper body and I could feel my heart in my throat. It was very uncomfortable. I also had the feeling that it was just kind of unstable. It made me uneasy. In the past I have had tachycardia – due to stress and anxiety – and the latter due to a sudden hyper-thyroid episode that cleared itself up. But – it seems like whenever my body is under stress, my heart becomes somewhat irregular. Lately I have been noticing it happening a lot more than usual – to the point where I brought it up with my doctor. She said, trying to be helpful I guess, that the heart is a muscle and it will flex irregularly just like any muscle – and maybe I am just hyper sensitive to it? Hmmm.

So – I had this thing while I was in bed – and then fell asleep. The next day I was still sick and continued with my Oil of Oregano. I started finally, to wonder if the juice had anything to do with me being sick? Was it some kind of die-off thing happening? So – I watched very closely for symptoms after taking my dose for the day – and sure enough, I had a return, a little more mildly, of the funny feeling in my chest. Heart beating sluggishly, chest tightening, and random achy chest pains.

So then I was still sick though, and decided to take more Grapefruit-seed extract, without really thinking about it – I still had the cold and the other symptoms in my head as separate happenings. My husband left for the afternoon, leaving me and our small son home together. Within half an hour though I had called him back home because I had the most striking attack of tachycardia I have ever had. It was actually frightening and although rationally I thought nothing could be wrong, I still felt like I was having a heart attack. I had chest pains, right in the middle of my chest, I had an achy left shoulder, my chest felt super heavy and a had a feeling of such discomfort in my chest and lower back area that I couldn’t stand still or sit. And mainly, I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t do a deep breath in at all. It was like I was winded. I was dizzy and had a sense of vertigo and mild disorientation.

I ended up in emergency for a few hours – where the episode passed before I was seen by a doctor. They did blood tests, took chest x-rays and did a cardiogram – and turned up nada. So, I have no idea what that was – but I know that it happened right after I took my Mangosteen and Grapefruit-seed extract. My conclusions are the following:

-I am indeed fighting something. Probably bacterial, or parasitic.

-I need to back off with that information and restart this thing with a new sense of purpose. Before I wasn’t even sure I was fighting anything – as I said it was more of a ‘just in case’ afterthought – as I had no real health complaints.

-I need to be more informed and careful about mixing remedies.

-Also I am surprised at the strength or Grapefruit-seed extract – that stuff is powerful. But I think it’s too much for me right now – I have to work my way up to it.

-Also need to look into heart health supplementing while doing this – Co Enzyme Q10 is required by the heart for proper functioning and has had some success when being used for heart conditions.

Also – very important – is that when doing any kind of detox, you need to be taking a supplemental binder than will help to pull the toxins out of the body. When bacteria or viruses die, they can release even more toxins into the body, creating die-off effects, which means you get worse for awhile. Binders will suck up all of those toxins and pull them out of the body. If you don’t use one then all of those newly released toxins get to circulate through your body, and may end up coming to rest in brand new places – organs, brain, blood, fatty tissue.

Binders include:

Bentonite Clay
Activated charcoal

I’ve added chlorella – taken 1/8th of a tsp in the mornings
And clay – taken at 1/4 tsp before bed

And the Mangosteen juice I have backed off to 1/2 oz twice a day through the mid-day.

I was told not to just quit taking everything, because that can also have a bad effect – better to taper down off of everything and then start over.

So far today no real heart stuff – my chest feels a little tight still but that’s it. I am sick still though. And getting cold-sores and swollen glands again.


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